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Forecast Asia

When it comes to business and marketing in Asia over the next two decades, it's critical, but not always easy, to know just who and where your market is. Difficulties in obtaining accurate information and burgeoning demographic change can threaten business success.

The ForecastAsia series from Asian Demographics presents you with accurate, predictive information on which you can confidently base business and marketing decisions.

The blend of demographics and social economics includes accurate data, comprehensive analysis and forecasts of demographic and socio-economic trends - up to 2024. 14 Asian countries are covered, presented in a consistent format for easy comparison. Region-wide analysis is also included, reviewing trends in all 14 countries so that you can identify which areas offer the best potential for your product or service

Practical and informative, the ForecastAsia series is the essential key to your future in Asia:

  • Predictive - reports for each country identify key trends in demographic and socio-economic variables both now and in the future
  • Powerful - databases for each country forcast forward to 2024 and are harmonized in easy-to-use Excel format
  • Convenient - 12-page executive summary allows quick assimilation of essential facts
  • Trustworthy - historical data is obtained directly from government publications, and where possible cross-checked against data from other reputable organizations
  • Updateable - subscription purchases include continuous updates

About Asian Demographics
Asian Demographics and its two associated companies, Asian Foresights and Asian Demographics Healthcare, offer you dependable statistics and predictive forecasting to help you accurately assess consumption patterns for your product or service in Asia.

Other products from Asian Demographics include ForecastChina, a comprehensive examination of the China market by province and prefecture. We also produce a series of Market Priority Reports and in addition we provide Customised Reports, specific to client needs.

Key Content and Countries covered
Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, plus the Regional Overview comparing all 14 countries.

Including for most countries:

  • Key population statistics, including growth, ageing and location (urban/rural)
  • Analysis of lifecycle stages
  • Household sizes, breakdown and changes
  • Education and labour, including occupation and industry profiles
  • Economic profile, including productivity and GDP
  • Household income, distribution and trends\ Household expenditure patterns, trends and in key categories

The report is provided in electronic format. Each country includes three sections: the report section comes as a PowerPoint file and the database section comes as an Excel file - in addition there is a concise executive summary for review and more general circulation. The Regional Overview comes as a single PowerPoint file and does not include a database.


After creating a harmonized database of key historical demographic and socio-economic variables for each country, we used statistical analysis to determine the relationships between these variables. This analysis was used to build an econometric style model of the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of each country. We then use the model to forecast the nature of populations of each country, assuming that the historical relationships continue into the future.


Our data is obtained directly from government publications or other reliable sources. As far as possible data is cross-checked against other trusted sources. We retain a copy of all source publications in our
library for future reference.

Demographics tend to change in a predictable pattern. With information extending back over 30 years across 14 Asian countries of differing levels of development, Asian Demographics can establish what those patterns are likely to be and identify anomalies either in projections or in historic data.

Asian Demographics Ltd is an independent company with no links to any government or lobby group. Our reports and forecasts are free of external influence and are unique to us.

All orders are sent by email

The reports are sent in PowerPoint format and are typically about 450 Kb and the accompanying Excel tables are around 400 kb per country.

The cost is as follows

  • A Country Report:......................US$750 each
  • Regional Report: .......................US$1,500.00
  • Subscription package:...............US$7,500

  • This includes the reports and databases for all 13 countries, a Regional Summary Report and CEO Summaries for each Country.
  • This is a saving of 25% on full purchase price of these same reports
  • Annual renewal is US$4,500 - a 54% discount on current prices.
  • Price includes regular updates for 12 months.
  • The subscription package enables you to have a continuously updated demographic profile and forecasts of Asia at your finger tips.

Licence Conditions
The model is sold on the condition it is used only by the purchasing company ('The Company') for its planning purposes. 'The Company' refers to the entity placing the order and its majority owned subsidiaries. The purchaser may copy the model for the purposes of use within The Company' and in different offices of 'The Company'. The Company may share the Model with third parties contracted to 'The Company', such as consultants, on the understanding that they use it purely for 'The Company's' purposes and that they do not copy or disclose information to any other party. The purchasing company may not disclose the contents of the model, or any information derived from it to persons outside 'The Company' without prior written permission by Asian Demographics Ltd.

This permission will not be unreasonably withheld provided it does not constitute more than 10% of the report, involves some added analysis by 'The Company" and accreditation is duly given to Asian Demographics Ltd.

In the case of the purchasing company being a consulting firm using the model to assist a client, the model is deemed to be purchased for that client. In the event that the same information is required for a separate client a new licence must be purchased.

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