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Asian Demographics is launching a new series of Market Priority Reports, each of which will contain a detailed analysis of a significant area, consumer segment or market development in various key Asian countries.

Market Priority Reports
The Geography of Affluence in China
The sheer size of China, its widely varying income levels, not to mention high distribution costs, mean that for market success you need to identify where your consumers will be, and in what numbers.

This report helps you to locate your consumers both now and in the future, and includes critical information, such as key household income levels; the relative importance of provinces and prefectures and the urban/rural divide.
Now Available.

High Income Households - Asia
Many products and services rely on relatively high levels of disposable income for purchase. This report identifies the key income thresholds in developing and developed Asia and locates high-income households - now and in the future. In all markets there is an urban /rural segmentation and where possible there is further segmentation - for example, to the provincial level in China.
Available mid 2006

Pearl River Delta
Long regarded as the manufacturing base of China, and increasingly the world, the Pearl River Delta is an important market in its own right. Comprising the provinces of Quangdong, Fujian, Guangxi, Jiangsu and the SAR of Hong Kong, the region is home to 214 million people with a total GDP of US$460 billion and a per capita of $2,143.

In this report we take an in-depth look at the region as a whole, and then analyse its component parts down to prefecture level, identifying not only the overall potential but also the true 'hotspots' of opportunity.
Available late 2006

Yangtze River Delta
Increasingly the most affluent part of the China consumption revolution, the Yangtze River Delta comprises Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. With a population of 138 million and a GDP of US$345 billion these three provinces are consumption powerhouses - but variances in growth and affluence levels may trap the unwary.

In this report we 'deconstruct' the Yangtze River Delta and identify the real areas of opportunity (not always Shanghai). We also take a look at the relative importance of the region not only within China but also within Asia.
Available late 2006

The 'Greater Beijing' region
Surrounding Beijing are a number of provinces showing significant growth and development. In this special report we examine the area comprising Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Liaoning, Hebei and Shanxi both as an economic unit and also as component parts. These provinces comprise 260 million people with a total GDP of US$416 billion and a GDP per capita of $1,600 - which translates as a substantial market opportunity.
Available late 2006

Growth Sensitivity in China and India
These countries offer tempting economic prospects, but their rapid growth presents challenges. Capacity planning, sales and distribution expansion and other business decisions are all impacted by whichever growth figure appears to be realistic at the time.

In this report Asian Demographics helps with market planning by providing an objective and transparent look at various growth scenarios and compares the two markets - with forecasts forward 10 years and an essential urban/rural split.
Available late 2006

Income Patterns in India
With rapid economic growth in India expected to continue it is important to examine the distribution of income across households. Not only average incomes, but particularly the development in the 'middle class' - so often the engine of domestic growth.

In this report Asian Demographics takes a view on the likely development of household incomes in both urban and rural India over the next decade.
Available late 2006

Asian Youth Profiles
Rapid and far-reaching demographic changes are affecting youth markets throughout Asia. Are all markets in decline, or are there still areas of opportunity? Given economic growth prospects does a decline in numbers necessarily mean a decline in value potential?

In this special Asian Demographics report we look at the changing dynamics of youth in Asia, including some key age splits, and provide a perspective on the future for youth marketing and youth-oriented product offerings.
Available mid 2006

The Asian 'Empty Nester'
Populations are ageing rapidly in a number of Asian countries. Affluent empty-nester consumers are earning and spending in very different ways as they move from family-oriented spending to spending for personal comfort and satisfaction.

In this report, we examine and quantify this phenomenon, and offer a number of perspectives and insights on what is arguably the biggest consumer opportunity of the next three decades.
Available late 2006

Consumer Lifecycles in Developing Markets
Consumer lifecycle stages have an important effect on the patterns of household expenditure and thus the areas of market opportunity.
In this report Asian Demographics examines eight lifecycle stages in the developing markets of Asia and how these various stages might impact on expenditure patterns. Included in this report are forecasts of the numbers of persons in each lifecycle segment.
Available late 2006

About Asian Demographics

Asian Demographics and its two associated companies, Asian Foresights and Asian Demographics Healthcare, offer you dependable statistics and predictive forecasting to help you accurately assess consumption patterns for your product or service in Asia.

Other products from Asian Demographics include ForecastChina and ForecastAsia, (predictive demographic and socio-economic country reports).

All orders are sent by email. The Report is a PDF document.

All reports are USD$2500.00 each. Special pricing is available for multiple purchases. Please contact us for details.

Licence Conditions
The Reports and Data Bases are sold on the condition that they are used only by the purchasing company ('The Company') for its planning purposes. 'The Company' refers to the entity placing the order and its majority owned subsidiaries. The purchaser may copy the model for the purposes of use within The Company' and in different offices of 'The Company'. The Company may share the Reports and Databases with third parties contracted to 'The Company', such as consultants, on the understanding that they use it purely for 'The Company's' purposes and that they do not copy or disclose information to any other party. The purchasing company may not disclose the contents of the Reports or Databases, or any information derived from it to persons outside 'The Company' without prior written permission by Asian Demographics Ltd. This permission will not be unreasonably withheld provided it does not constitute more than 10% of the report, involves some added analysis by 'The Company" and accreditation is duly given to Asian Demographics Ltd.
In the case of the purchasing company being a consulting firm using the model to assist a client, the model is deemed to be purchased for that client. In the event that the same information is required for a separate client a new licence must be purchased.

If you would like more information, please contact us.

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